Driving While Intoxicated (DWI)

In many DWI cases, the state’s ability to prosecute the case beyond a reasonable doubt has been hindered by at least one legal or factual issue. Law Offices Of David R. Caraway, PLLC possess the knowledge and experience needed to identify issues and mistakes made by law enforcement that could be problematic in the state’s prosecution of your case.

The firm will develop a substantive and credible plan of attack, to defend your case, advise you on the strengths and weaknesses of your case and give you his thoughts on the best way to proceed in order to seek a dismissal or a not guilty, if these are possibilities.

A DWI: Much more than just a conviction.

Your License

In Texas, you have 15 days from the date you are arrested to request an administrative license revocation hearing before the Department of Public Safety. So your first concern should be your license. A breath test refusal or a breath test of over .08 can result in a suspension of 90 days to 2 years. An ALR hearing is an opportunity to save your license and to develop a record against the officer who may testify against you at trial.

Fighting the DWI

First: Did the arresting officer have probable cause stop your vehicle?

Without probable cause, the State will not be able obtain a DWI conviction. Law Offices Of David R. Caraway, PLLC knows that many officers take this for granted and he knows exactly what to look for to undermine the State’s case.

Second: Did you invoke your right to counsel?

Once you ask for your lawyer, any evidence obtained after that request is not admissible. However, this simple point is often overlooked. Officers regularly ignore this request and continue with the investigation. If this is properly addressed with the court, all evidence obtained after you invoke your right to counsel is not admissible.

A DWI Charge is a serious charge with long lasting consequences.

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