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The truth shall not set you free, shut your mouth and call your attorney!

If you are under investigation or have been accused of a crime, talk to no one. You cannot litigate your case with the arresting officer. Once he has made the decision to arrest you, the arrest will happen. The only words that should be spoken are “I want my lawyer.”

The officer may seem to be just asking friendly questions, however he is most probably looking for probable cause that is needed to arrest you. If he does not already have it, do not give it to him by engaging in friendly conversation.

If you are arrested, do not freak out! An arrest does not make you guilty. Although a peace officer only needs “probable cause” to make an arrest, the District Attorney must meet the highest evidentiary standard in the law and prove you guilty “Beyond a Reasonable Doubt.”

Do not try to represent yourself. The District Attorney has many years of education and legal training in his favor. You have rights granted under the US Constitution, State and local laws that you may not be aware of and the Court is not obligated to point them out to you. Also, there are numerous rules of evidence that will be used against you, which may prevent you from ever presenting your case.

If you are being investigated or have been arrested you need an attorney who knows your rights and will fight to protect them. Law Offices Of David R. Caraway, PLLC understands the courtroom process and the tactics that may be used against you. They will develop a plan of attack that best protects you and your rights and advise you on how to best move forward in your defense.

Your legal problem will not go away!

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