Contract Review

Law Offices Of David R. Caraway, PLLC reviews and provides advice on Texas employment agreements, non-compete agreements, non-solicitation agreements, confidentiality agreements, severance agreements, and other kinds of employment contracts. It is wise to have advice on these agreements before entering into them.

Additionally, if you are planning to leave your present place of employment or your employment has been terminated, you should be aware of how these agreements effect any claims that you may have against your employer and if they have a negative impact on seeking future employment or even your ability to begin your own business entity.

Breach of Contract

Are you the victim of a failed agreement or promise? If so you may possibly bring a Breach of Contract case against the party who failed to preform. My firm reviews the facts of each Breach of Contract case to see if in fact a contract was formed, and if so were damages suffered.

Law Offices Of David R. Caraway, PLLC also advises clients who are being sued under a Breach of Contract action. Factors including was an offer made and was the offer accepted, were there actual damages, which party caused the damages, and did the suing party make an effort to limit his or her damages are all considered in order to best advise clients.

Contract Writing

Many transactions in life are too complicated and valuable to use the old school handshake or oral agreement method of contract formation.

Law Offices Of David R. Caraway, PLLC can aid you in a wide array of contract writing. In any instance where you are making a promise to pay or perform in exchange for a promise to be paid or for the other party’s performance, My firm can create a contract for you that includes the expectations of each party and when each party is expected to complete their duties under the contract.

Contract Disputes

Most Contract disagreements do not end up in a trial situation. Trials are very expensive and it is much more desirable for each party to try to work out their differences through Alternative Dispute Resolution. David R. Caraway is a Certified personal and business mediator and can facilitate a meeting between the parties in an effort for them to come to mutual agreement and avoid court.

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