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Law Offices Of David R. Caraway, PLLC has the expertise and knowledge necessary to effectively represent clients in wide array of Texas Business Law. Some clients are new entrepreneurs and wish to know how to best start a new business, while others are seeking advise on their rights as employees or business owners.

Liability laws in Texas can be quite complicated and choosing the right business model depends on the number of owners or partners and the amount of liability exposure a person is willing to risk versus Tax exposure and business record keeping requirements, as will as many other factors. Before entering into any business venture one should consult an attorney and possibly a CPA to decide if a General Partnership, LLP, LLLP, LLC, PLLC, or Corporation is the best option for him or her.

Some clients wish to simply stop doing business. Depending on the type business entity that a person has, Law Offices Of David R. Caraway, PLLC can guide and aid them through the winding-up process and legally terminate the business.

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